I am Acquiring Divorced and that Different Guy Wants to See Me Personally. Could it possibly be Worth the Threat?

Reader Question:

The guy I happened to be as soon as hitched to schedules on opposing section of the planet and then we haven’t any type of get in touch with to one another, but it’s definitely more than between all of us, as I remaining him and I also’m at this time waiting for a divorce case.

Not too long ago some guy we used to have an intimate relationship with (before I happened to be hitched) keeps messaging me on Facebook, and it appears like he wants to reunite beside me. The thing is his cousin is my personal closest friend, and that I think she told him we “am” married because he requested me personally whether I found myself married or not. If his relative (my personal best friend) realizes, the worst can happen.

Is matchmaking this additional man really worth the danger?

-Sarah (U.K.)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Answer:

Dear Sarah,

What a big “old” mess. a husband with a loose string still attached, a vintage partner that you haven’t actually been internet dating and a best friend busybody.

You truly desire my opinion? Move forward! And go off Twitter.

Here’s my personal four-step propose to control the interactions:

The 1st step: dispose of the fantasy fb retrosexual.

Step Two: Get divorced through the globe trotter.

Third step: Go on a genuine go out with a proper man in your real world.

Step Four: know the reason why your best pal judges your love resides a great deal.

Improve your behavior if she’s an incident. Usually, inform this lady to ass completely.

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