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5 Best Digital Process Automation Tools

Axon Ivy was among the select companies that Forrester invited to participate in its Q4/2021 Forrester Wave™ evaluation, Digital Process Automation Software. The inclusion in the Forrester Report makes Axon Ivy one of the most significant providers in the market for digital process automation. With its platform for optimizing, digitizing, and automating business processes, Axon Ivy was able to position itself alongside well-known larger competitors in the Forrester report.

digital process automation

Another process you can easily automate with DPA software is invoice processing or any other part of billing or the accounts payable process. With a system that oversees each step in a process, managers also get a unique real-time view of the processes they’re responsible for. Instead of having to ask around, they can immediately identify problems like overdue payments or contracts.

Digital Operating Models

DPA not only streamlines workflows but also improves the visibility of order and shipment status. Ultimately, it improves business growth and helps build better customer relationships. Clearly, the need to drive digital transformation initiatives and improved customer experience has evolved and shifted the BPM market towards digital process automation. BPM tools, the next step for organizations is to enhance customer experience–which is where digital process automation comes into play. The need for businesses to rapidly automate processes as part of their digital transformation journey is the main reason behind this change.

While BPA guarantees that certain key tasks will be completed efficiently, DPA ensures that those tasks are working together toward the big-picture goals. While DPA isn’t the answer for every business, understanding how it works will assist you in making the case to your leadership that the technology is worth the investment. Academy Learn best practices, grow your process management skills, and train your team at scale with our courses. With these standardized processes, the risk of mistakes and safety issues has been significantly reduced. Maintain compliance with validated step-by-step maintenance procedures and fully auditable records. WebRTC WebRTC enables remote technicians and customers to use visual assistance with no app download.

Employee Onboarding Process

Additionally, the utilization of advanced analytics and decision-making algorithms results in the best deals being offered to the customers. This combination of advanced technologies and algorithms results in a streamlined, automated, and highly efficient process that reduces manual effort, eliminates errors and improves the speed and accuracy of business operations. Download this free guide to learn how process automation improves workplace efficiency and saves time and resources across the enterprise.

digital process automation

In this article, we’ll break down what DPA is, cover the top benefits, highlight some examples of it in action, and show you how to implement it for your business. The good news is that you can optimize significant chunks of workflows in every department, from sales to support, marketing, and IT. We also partner with Robotic Process Automation vendors to ensure a seamless experience when a customer’s needs require an approach for capture, interpret inputs, and then process them as if being performed by a real agent.

How Digital Process Automation Helps Service Organizations:

By utilizing technology to automate manual processes and streamline workflows, DPA can significantly improve the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of business operations. Forrester has since differentiated the digital process automation field into DPA Deep and DPA Wide. DPA Deep tools represent the evolution of traditional BPMS tools into nimbler low-code development tools that are easier to provision in the cloud and integrate with other cloud and enterprise applications. DPA Wide tools represent much lighter tools that are less expensive to acquire and implement, are better suited for automating simple processes, and accessible by a wider audience of business users. Digital Process Automation” refers to a technique for automating processes and streamlining workflows using digital technologies.

digital process automation

By automating hundreds to thousands of manual repetitive tasks within a service organization, technicians and agents are able to solve problems more quickly, with shorter handling time. Improving first-time fix rates means experts can focus on problems that utilize their skill sets. What sounds unimpressive in a single process becomes more effective when such a process occurs several times a day or weekly. Because there is a lot of data that is available in different applications and should always be correct.

Process automation

However, many experts have observed that the industry is gravitating away from using the terms BPM and BPA to characterize a specific approach to enterprise automation. Due to the region’s large digital process automation vendors, North America is expected to contribute significantly to market expansion. A digital process automation tool’s main application is in sectors that require effective back-end processing administration. Thus, expanding company establishments such as e-commerce merchants, BFSI business enterprises, manufacturing sectors, and so on are expected to be the key drivers of the digital process automation market. Virtusa’s Digital Process Automation service drives the vision, structure, and consultative-led approach to achieve the proper outcomes. We propel business growth through digital transformation by improving operations, increasing productivity, and providing real-time business intelligence built on solid IT infrastructure.

  • Using email or Slack, it’s easy for miscommunication and simple forgetfulness to bog down a workflow.
  • Manage these workflows and automate your business processes in one convenient location with BPM software.
  • Manufacturers are introducing new business models under which they sell digital services and products, such as digital twins.
  • A single solution is a single success, but a means to deliver a consistent set of dozens of solutions is, well, truly transformative.
  • Nav_security Security Learn more about how SightCall protects user data in compliance with state, national and global regulations.

As their operating model becomes digitized and intelligent with digital process automation, it also becomes possible to take more risks with product innovation. These often build on traditional business process modeling practices and case management capabilities and are ideal for industries like banking, insurance and healthcare with strong process requirements. Representative vendors include traditional BPMS and case management vendors such as Appian, Bizagi, Bonitasoft, Genpact, IBM, Kofax, OpenText and Pegasystems. DPA can connect the dots between various tasks that need to be reliably executed when onboarding customers. This can streamline the customer journey and streamline the customer experience. This could include things like automatically kicking off background checks, entering data across multiple applications, generating login credentials, setting up accounts and sending off a welcome email.

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Business process automation is taking on a skyrocketing number of manual tasks, sending productivity, efficiency, and cost… Requires organizations to collect a lot of information and documentation from customers. Not only is this inefficient digital process automation and costly, but it leads to drawn out onboarding processes that frustrates new customers. Through DPA, organizations can automate different steps in the process to provide quicker and more enjoyable onboarding experiences.

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