1. What is Runcit Hero?

It’s a B2B online community and marketplace for small-to-medium retailers like you to have to enjoy product packages and deals, earns rewards and get access to Retailer-Supplier Engagement Programs in one single platform.

2. What kind of business is eligible to be a member of Runcit Hero?

Runcit Hero is open to all legitimate business and is primarily focusing on grocery stores. Other form of business such as pharmacies, restaurants, cyber cafes, corporate offices and others can register as well.

3. What kind of products can I find on Runcit Hero Marketplace?

Mainly FMCG products from Multinational to Local manufacturers along other products such as pharmaceutical products, hardware products, etc. We will also collaborate with suppliers to offer suitable product packages.

4. What is the MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)?

You can buy as low as 1 carton or 1 package. To enjoy better delivery charges or free delivery charges (subject to certain products) you will have to buy a minimum of RM100.

5. How much is the delivery charges?

Runcit Hero will subsidise a certain amount of weight to reduce the delivery charges from your end. More information will be provided once the platform is launched.

6. How many days does it take to deliver if I order now?

Delivery time varies according to areas. Our scheduled delivery days will be on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The delivery time will be within 7 working days.

7. Can I return or exchange my purchased stocks?

On behalf of the manufacturers, returns are not accepted unless stocks received are damaged or an item is missing from the parcel. If the stocks received are damaged or an item is missing from the parcel, please reject the stocks at the point of receiving. You will need to contact us immediately and we will investigate with the logistic company we inform you on the refund status.

We are also considering allowing certain products to have a return policy based on terms and conditions, however more information will only be made available later.

8. What happens if we received expired stocks?

It is a compulsory condition to the suppliers that we only sell fresh stocks and not expired stocks on our platform. 

9. Who will be delivering the purchases I made?

Runcit Hero partners up with numerous logistics agencies to deliver to your shopfront.

10. Are the prices on Runcit Hero Marketplace cheaper than the distributor/ wholesaler?

We will be offering you the official recommended prices from the manufacturers/ supplier. Given the growing volume, there will be trade offers and new product launches that will be extended to Runcit Hero members to enjoy.

11. I am already getting my stocks from my existing suppliers with credit terms and with refundable policy. How can I benefit from Runcit Hero?

It is only valid that you get credit terms from your supplier are you are buying at large quantities i.e 5 cartons or more from a specific supplier. Through Runcit Hero, we do not set a requirement that you must buy 5 cartons or more, as you can buy as low as RM100 worth of products only. Furthermore, Runcit Hero will made available suitable product packages in the marketplace such as 1 package of 12 Cans of Wonda Premium Coffee + 12 Cans of Wonda Teh Tarik.

Runcit Hero is an alternative platform for you to restock or purchase your stocks. You are advise to continue getting your stocks from your existing suppliers and choose to buy from Runcit Hero especially if you only need a smaller quantity or urgently need stocks to be delivered to your shopfront which your supplier is unable to fulfil or if your credit limit is up yet you will still want to make purchases.

If you would want to buy at large quantity on credit, we have a program to connect you to the supplier for account opening provided that you meet their opening and credit compliance.

12. I am so used to the salesman service to take order on behalf because I do not know which stocks are short in supply or stocks that I must sell. How can I benefit from Runcit Hero?

Firstly, please do welcome your salesman to service you. Runcit Hero is not going to replace these salesmen. It is also advisable that you are aware of your own stocks holding instead of fully dependent on the salesmen alone as you do not want to have stocks which are not moving fast sitting in your shop. A stock that moves faster in Shop A does not necessary means that it can move as fast in Shop B. Ultimately, the person who operates the shop and decide the growth of shop sales turnover is the shop owner, not the salesman.

There are some retailers who are unfortunate to encounter poor service from salesmen whereby stocks are pushed in and may not be the fast moving stocks or sellable stocks for your shop. So, how can you know what stocks is good for your shop? Based on your years of experience operating the shop, knowing your customers, observation from other shops and the surrounding environment, through the salesman who takes time to share with you or another reference is from Runcit Hero.

From Runcit Hero, you can view and be aware of current and upcoming new products and you can check with your preferred salesman if a particular stock is not offered to you. Runcit Hero is an alternative platform for you to purchase products you need in that smaller quantity at a price that commensurate with the quantity purchase instead of sourcing at modern trade outlets. Sometimes, you may want to only commit a smaller quantity to try out the stocks in your shop if it sellable before committing a large quantity with your supplier. So, you can buy in smaller quantity from Runcit Hero if your existing supplier can only sell you in a minimum order quantity (MOQ). Furthermore, you will be rewarded with cash back credits into your digital wallet for purchases that you made.

13. I do not have time to login to check and track my purchases.

Notifications will be sent to you when your purchases are being processed and being shipped out. Furthermore, Runcit Hero is just not a platform to buy products and view your purchases only.

1. Every registered members will have a Hero Pay digital wallet (which is registered to your bank account) whereby soon you can receive and check your media rental pay-out summary to-date as banks are limiting cheque processing which causes the delay in your payment.

2. If you want to be the first to know, we encourage you to browse the market place for “good buys” and new product launches. For example: In February, you will be inform of the upcoming NEW Pepsi to be launched in March, instead of finding out yourself when you see the advertisement or only when and if the salesman inform you which is usually at the later stage or after it is launched.

3. Programs can be made available to allow members to put in their committed early bird purchases. This can help you in your stocks planning, cash flow management and other shop operation. As the saying goes, early bird catches the worm.

14. What is Hero Pay?

Hero Pay is a digital wallet. Every registered member will have a digital wallet that allows you:

  1. To make payment with your available credits or Credit/ Debit Card or Bank Transfer.
  2. To receive your media rental payment.
  3. To view your media rental statement.

15. There is a product that I wanted but not found on your marketplace. Can I suggest?

Definitely. We will have a section whereby you can feedback products that you would like us to supply.

16. What is Retailer-Supplier Engagement Programs?

Runcit Hero is more than just a platform to buy products. Runcit Hero will be collaborating with suppliers to create and offer programs to retailers conveniently and promptly:

  1. You will be informed on upcoming new products and trade promotions.
  2. You can collaborate with the rest of the members to get a volume price for group buy of new/ sellable products, which is usually made available to huge chain stores.
  3. You can get your shop deployed with POSMs and secondary displays (i.e standee, counter top) offered by suppliers.
  4. You can get your shop activated with consumer promotions (i.e contest, promotional price, redemption program) offered by suppliers.
  5. You can request for account opening with respective suppliers.
  6. Want to modernize or improve your shop with reasonable technology? You can get your shop activated with POS, e-payment and etc.….and many more.

17. Why do I need to register and submit the required documents?

Runcit Hero is only meant for legitimate business owners. We do not want any individual or consumer to get access to all these benefits and privileges. Business documents are required for us to validate your registration as there is a Hero Pay digital wallet for each registered member and it facilitates purchase of goods and services, including online funds transfer. Hence, it is a basic requirement from financial institution that we will have to comply to prevent possible fraud, abuse, misuse and other unforeseen circumstances.

18. What documents must I submit?

If you are the business owner and is a Malaysian citizen:

  1. Copy of SSM
  2. Copy of your IC
  3. Copy of Company Statement or Registered Account Holder 

If you are the appointed person who has authority to operate the business and execute transaction and is a Malaysian citizen:

  1. Copy of SSM
  2. Copy of Business Owner IC
  3. Copy of your IC
  4. Copy of Company Statement or Registered Account Holder

If you are the appointed person who has authority to operate the business and execute transaction and is a Non-Malaysian citizen:

  1. Copy of SSM
  2. Copy of Business Owner IC
  3. Copy of your Passport
  4. Copy of your Bank Statement is optional

19. This sounds interesting. How can I sign up my business to be part of the Runcit Hero Community?

To become a member, please click “Register” at the top right of your screen. Upon filling in all the required information, you will need to submit your business details, delivery address, and upload your business paperwork (SSM, Form 9, 24, and 48), and ID proof. After successful verification of your business credentials, you will then be able to sign-in and start enjoying your purchase experience on runcithero.my